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Know yourself, inform others' is the motto of our blog.

Know the latest updates related to Internet and Information Technology, Health and Fitness, Skincare and Beauty, Diet and Weights, Foods and Products, etc.

This blog is mainly based on contemporary topics and all updated tips and tricks including  Health and fitness, Skincare and beauty, Diet & weight foods and products. There is no point in just knowing yourself. Rather, if you know something new yourself, it is full of satisfaction to share it with everyone! This site is primarily intended to help everyone. Everyone should inform each other if they know something new. It will be useful to others as well. It is instructed to post and comment keeping in mind the following few points:

The original language of the post must be English and at least 90% of the post must be in English. Do not post unnecessarily mixing English with other languages. Can be posted in English language but not in any other language.

No posts may be made by unnecessarily mixing English with other languages, by writing Bengali or Hindi in English characters, or by unnecessarily distorting the English language. However, Bengali or Hindi mixed with English can be posted if necessary.

Avoid unnecessary English synonyms of technical terms. In writing the technical terms, they should be used in English. If there is a commonly used term for a term, use it.

Crack, serial, keygen, etc. of different software should not be published or uploaded directly to tune. A link can be provided. If necessary, the link can be uploaded as a text file elsewhere. Crack, serial, keygen, etc. topics discourage our blog. Instead, it welcomes open-source and freeware.

Hacking, Cracking, Phishing, Cybercrime etc. Must be posted on Hacking-Cracking Techniques, News, Hacker News, etc. But it is not focused on any site, service, or group. Our blog encourages hacking to be used for security, not crime.

Such as not your own writing, from any other blog or from another blogger's or other's writing, or from any other source, full or partial copy-pasting or posting under your name. Always avoid pleasureism

Other than your own writing, the standard writing of others can be copied and posted exactly, but it must be blog policy-friendly and mention the name of the original author and previously published sources (links).

Authors can post their own previously published articles or personal blog posts. In this case, references to previously published sources (links) are at the author's discretion. However, if it has been previously published on multiple blogs or any other community blogging platform, the name of the original author and previously published source (link) must be given.

We are under no obligation to post your own personal blog posts or blog posts previously published elsewhere. But it must be your own writing. The problem with the blogging community is that when bloggers or visitors see the same article on different sites, it creates some aversion in their minds. So if you post your personal blog post or publish elsewhere, you must write 'previously published on my blog / this place' and link to it.

You can't give a link to your own blog or someone else's blog to read the rest of the post after posting half. Full posts can be posted by mentioning the author and source of writing if necessary.

No AdSense or affiliate ads and links and short links made with affiliate links can be posted. The post may not use any links, site, and blog addresses, and links that contain affiliate national ads and links or links to affiliate file hosts.

No affiliate file host links, short links made with affiliate file host links can be used in tune for increasing revenue and points. Such other affiliate file hosts may not be used. For reviews of software, games, or anything else, link to the original product page. And if that's not possible, use non-affiliate file hosting.

When posting about online income and freelancing, the post must be informative and informative. No posting for online income and freelancing to collect referrals, creating your own team, or doing work. No post asking for the job notification, recruitment, recruitment for online income, etc.

No such advertising posts shall be published for commercial purposes only and not in the public interest. Can be posted with an accurate and complete description of the purpose and activities of the organization or product and must be in the public interest.

For the purpose of campaign and promotion, the news of organizing various seminars, competitions, discussions organized by commercial organizations, and commercial associations and the news of participation cannot be disclosed. Only trusted free communities, associations, non-commercial organizations, and trusted global organizations and communities can publish news of various events.

Posters of both dollar buying and selling posts and providing any contact address in comments about dollar buying and selling will also be permanently blocked without giving any reason.

Any images, information, and writings that are immoral, obscene, or in violation of copyright laws shall not be published. No post can be made on any topic that hurts religion, scriptures social context, or such writings, posts can not be included. No words, phrases, or sentences that are obscene, obscene, insulting, provocative, offensive, or suggestive of indecency may be used in the post. Also, no article can be given which hurts any race or religious sentiments or has political motives.

No requests for crack, serial, keygen, etc. directly in comments or by mentioning email address. Comment directly crack, serial, keygen, etc. link, text, file, etc. cannot be published. No words, phrases, or sentences that are obscene, obscene, insulting, provocative, or offensive, or suggestive of indecency may be used. No one can be attacked personally. Links to any site or service may not be published for promotional purposes. This blog bears no legal or other liability for comments.

Short posts are not acceptable and do not advertise your site without using only media fire or direct download links between posts. Additional categories cannot be given (ideal 1 t). Be sure to include feature images in between posts. adf. ly, TinyURL, PTC, fake online income, multiple ads, copy paste posts will get you banned/removed from the blog immediately.

(If there is any feedback related to the policy, you can inform the blog admin through mail or Skype call)

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Note: (Policies are consistent and compiled with English blogs on various technical topics and useful to others and may be changed or added to at any time as per the need)
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